Do You Need Cubicles in Your Office?

Do You Need Cubicles in Your Office?

The office look that businesses have today are far from the design a decade or a century ago. Throughout the years, there have been hundreds of varying layout and style when it comes to office design. This design, although changing through generations, remains to impact the employees’ productivity at work.

With so many offices leaning into modern design offices nowadays, do we still need cubicles inside our offices? Some offices still require the traditional look and feel that businesses used to have. There are still a lot of professions that requires seclusion and privacy even at work. Although, it is also important to incorporate flexible and collaborative atmosphere inside a workplace, cubicle will remain to be a staple in the office setting.

Creativity can still be achieved even within the corners of a cubicle. However, it is important to insert collaboration every now and then to keep things interesting and active among employees. Bigger cubicles that can cater 2 or more employees is a good start to introduce the modern office design to the classic and critical environment in offices such as law firms. Encouraging spontaneous and innovative conversation among colleagues usually results to increased productivity rates.

Although many companies are sharing their positive experience in open space layouts and how this generations’ employees manage to easily adapt to this setting, private and confidential settings will remain to be a necessary need in any business office.

Studies also reveals that although open space offices have a lot of benefits, an increase in sickness rates has been observed in open spaces, compared to that of a cubicle setting.