5 MORE Great Couches for your Office Break Room

Ok, so, in our last article, we talked a lot about how great furniture – sofa lounges in particular – are important for break rooms. As much as you want to be able to get every minute of productive energy from your employees, they’re not robots, and they need time and a space to be able to recharge and reconnect with their peers.

We’re going to do something a little bit different from earlier articles: instead of choosing sofas from different manufacturers, we’re going to focus on sofas made by Arcadia.

Arcadia is a business that’s been going since 1979, and their manufacturing company is located in Southern California, with a showroom in Chicago. They focus a lot of product design, customer satisfaction, and excellent value by providing furniture that’s both innovative and made from the highest-quality materials.

  1. Achella

Trendy, innovative, and modern are only some of the words that one can use to describe the Achella couch. The Achella couch actually has three different styles: the traditional bench style, square, and circular.

Our advice here is to get the scalloped pattern around the edges for that additional flair, without sacrificing any comfort!

  1. Haven Benches

When you hear the word “haven”, you probably think of “clean and pristine”, and Arcadia does not disappoint with their Haven series!

The Haven bench series as single, double, and triple seating options, with or without arm rest. However, the one thing that won’t change is the gorgeous white and charcoal pattern, and the simple and stylish appearance of the furniture.

  1. Hush Benches

When it comes to their Hush line, Arcadia promises to “seamlessly integrate plush seating with functional appeal”, and it really does seem like a great choice for furniture in a quiet and sedate break room. If you want a break room where employees can just hang out and become relaxed, this is a great choice for you.

The Hush comes in double or triple seating options, and you can even choose a center table that fits with the design, so that you have a “seamless” theme as in your break room as well.

  1. Leaf Benches

Leaf benches are wonderfully simple and can be arranged into some many different patterns…just like, well, leaves! The benches can be used separately by each employee, or pieced together to create one long bench that’s full of fun and color.

Aside from the gorgeous green and black pattern displayed here, the Leaf also comes in other color combinations as well, so you can just let your inner designer run wild!

  1. Leaflette Benches

Arcadia manages to raise the stakes when it comes to color and creativity with their Leaflette line! These gorgeous, single seating couches will add an explosion of color in any break room they are placed in, and they can be arranged in whatever pattern you like.

Another great thing about Leaflette benches is that they can be paired with tables or lounge chairs as well.

Arcadia also offers custom-design work, if you have your own ideas on what kind of lounge chairs would best fit your break room. They pride themselves on this individualized service that will provide you with unique, attractive, and eye-catching furniture that you can treasure for years to come! You can learn more about all these office furniture here.